MEXT Project on Science and Technology for a Safe and Secure Society

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The Japanese Government’s 3rd Science and Technology Basic Plan (FY 2006–FY 2010) is essentially oriented toward “science and technology that are supported by the public and that benefit society.” One of the Plan’s policy goals is “making Japan the world’s safest country.” Based on this policy priority, in June 2006, the Council for Science and Technology Policy formulated a “Strategy to Promote Science and Technology for a Safe and Secure Society,” and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) established a Committee on Science and Technology for Safety and Security under the Subdivision on Research Planning and Evaluation of the Council for Science and Technology in order to determine what measures MEXT should take to address this policy issue. The July 2006 policy paper “Policy to Promote R&D in S&T for a Safe and Secure Society” calls for the identification of technological issues in fields of science and technology that can help prevent terrorism and crime, and for the utilization of research and development results in safety- and security-related fields of science and technology.

In FY 2007, as part of the “Project on Science and Technology for a Safe and Secure Society” initiated by MEXT in line with the policy paper, Keio University’s Global Security Research Institute (G-SEC) undertook “Research and Development towards Better Bio-preparedness in Japan.” This project consisted mainly of a survey of trends in R&D of science and technology in the bio-preparedness field, both in Japan and overseas, together with trends in the needs of the institutions concerned, and an analysis of information-sharing and future R&D issues. Under the same framework, in FY 2008 G-SEC conducted a study entitled “Research on Improving Biosecurity in Japan.” In FY 2009, in a study entitled “Research on Public Health and Medical Preparedness for Terrorism,” G-SEC expanded the focus of interest beyond bioterrorism to include preparedness for the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents.


Report of the International Symposium on Biodefense Research and Counter-Bioterrorism for a Safe and Secure Society

14 February 2008, Tokyo, JAPAN