Interdisciplinary Study on Biosecurity and Biodefense

Biosecurity Watch

Our Global Health Security Group

After we hosted the seminar on crisis management entitled "Infectious Diseases as a Global Issue" in 2002, we organized a research group on the global health security in the Keio University Global Security Research Institute. In the Academic Frontier Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology since 2003,   we have pursued the interdisciplinary approach to encounter global concerns on the infectious diseasese and the environmental pollution by performing sociotechnology  research as well as basic research.

Since 2007, we started to foucs on  "biosecurity",  which covers the social defense against biological threats, as our primary research agenda. Our goal ist to establish the interdisciplinary platform on research, education and network  for strengthening global biosecurity.


Biosecurity and Biopreparedness Group

Social and Human Science Group

  • Setsuko AOKI
  • Tarou OZAWA
  • Masahiko SATOU
  • Shunichirou SASAKI
  • Masamitsu MORIMOTO

Public Health and Medical Science Group

  • Shigeo KOYASU
  • Masaki FUJITA
  • Joichirou SHIRAHASE
  • Kouji KAWAKAMI
  • Koji SUDOU